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Why use Sandra Berry Real Estate for your property investment?

At Sandra Berry we aim to do more than just “collect rent”.

Whether you are investing for the first time or are a seasoned campaigner, putting strategies in place that maintain property values, increase rental income and reduce expenses is imperative. 

It is our focus to provide you with advice that will assist you to get the best financial outcome as a result of your investment. To ensure this is achieved we will:

  • Work alongside you to maximise your income and return on your asset, and minimise vacancy periods
  • Provide honest and realistic advice on how to maintain your property at the highest level
  • Have a qualified resource of tried and tested, honest and affordable trades persons that we call on, covering all possible areas of concern
  • Provide total transparency through open and regular communication and reporting
  • Offer a Pre-Tenancy Project Management Program designed to relieve you of time and effort when preparing your investment/property for tenancy
  • Maintain a Zero Rent in Arrears Policy which tenants sign off on upon assuming tenancy
  • Deliver detailed reports, inclusive of photos at the in-going, routine and outgoing process
  • Negotiate all aspects of maintenance and tenancy on your behalf