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Getting the Full Service

Getting the Full Service

  • 19 Apr 2017
  • Sandra Berry

It’s commonly accepted that sellers engage a real estate agent to market and sell their home, but who is representing them when it comes time for them to buy?

The most crucial element of any real estate transaction is the negotiation process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the seller or the buyer in the transaction, the negotiation process starts way before any offer is made.  

In fact, if you start your negotiation at the point when an offer is made, you’ve most probably lost the opportunity to maximize your level of success.

Negotiation is an art and must be learned; it’s a rare thing to be born with this skill and takes years of experience and practice to master.

Real estate negotiations aren’t for the feint hearted, unskilled or inexperienced.

As a professional auctioneer and real estate agent, I spend the majority of my time gathering the information I need to put my clients in the stronges...

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The Importance of Full Pre-Approval

The Importance of Full Pre-Approval

  • 09 Feb 2017
  • Sandra Berry

One of the most frustrating moments for any buyer and seller is when they read the words ‘finance declined’. As an agent, sometimes buyer and many times a seller, I know this feeling all too well. 

Be a confident and reliable buyer and make sure you have a full pre-approval letter before making any offer.

A full pre-approval requires a credit check to be completed by your chosen broker.  This confirms that irrespective of any required property valuation by a bank or financial institution that you actually qualify to borrow to a certain limit. 

Many contracts fall over as a result of buyers making offers subject to finance that they have no way of satisfying. Most pre-approval letters note that the approval is subject to a credit check which technically means you’re not approved for finance at all.

 Sellers are looking for conditions that have certainty and their agents are now looking to enter into contracts wi...

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‘Song of the Unsuccessful Buyer’

‘Song of the Unsuccessful Buyer’

  • 05 Sep 2016
  • Sandra Berry

“I just missed out on the property I loved down the road”

So are you a ‘Real’ Buyer or a ‘Want to be’ Buyer?

‘Real’ Buyers have made the following endeavours to put themselves in a position of commitment the minute they find the right property. They have the authority to make decisions, the Agents full attention and a Sellers respect. 

  • Real Buyers have a recent (no more than 3 months old) fully approved Finance Letter from their chosen lender giving them authority to bid or buy to a price level.
  • They may have an ‘Unconditional Sale’ on their current property that is ready to settlement.
  • They may have Cash ‘at the ready’ to cover the Purchase Price plus Statutory fees and Charges.

Minimum of fuss and stress

I found Sandra Berry very professional. I think she understands how stressful selling your house can be and was very engaged with my idea off what I see as a successful outcome and how I can sell my property with a minimum of fuss and stress. She engages you as part of the team and gives you options on how you can help to maximise your appeal to potential buyers. The sale result was good, quick and stress free. Thankyou Sandra.

- Guy
Mount Barker

Most emotional decision

Sandra & Co,
Thank you so much for the great job in selling Mum & Dad's home. All your help & assistance in explaining all the details for this most emotional decision made it so much easier for both of them to understand. With great appreciation Jenny.
P.S. Plus Mum & Dad thank you so much too!

- Jenny, Ben & Lorraine

No hesitation

To the Team at Sandra Berry Real Estate. Thank you for handling the sale of my parents property. It was your efforts that found the property which was their home and they were very happy for the time they spent there. You were very personable and professional so we were more than happy to deal with you again to re-sell their property. I hope the new owners are also pleased with their purchase. We would not hesitate to deal with you again.

- Bill

Great support and guidance

Selling with Sandra I achieved a good result with great support and guidance throughout the sale.

Thanks again for all your help and professionalism in selling my unit.

- Sarah
Mount Barker